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11 Best Social Media Management Tools for Successful Campaigns in 2023

The 11 Best Social Media Management Tools for Successful Campaigns in 2022

The 11 Best Social Media Management Tools for Successful Campaign in 2022 include Sendible, Hootsuite, Buffer, Canva, and Sendible. These tools will help you monitor and analyze your social media activities and offer CRM features. They start at $29 a month per user. You can also use Sprout Social, another tool for social media management. Sprout Social allows you to monitor your social media activities and has a customizable dashboard.

The 11 Best Social Media Management Tools for Successful Campaigns in 2022


If you have an active social media profile, you’ll need a tool that can manage all your accounts and get results. Hootsuite is a great solution, because it allows you to schedule multiple profiles on different social media platforms at once, and it includes a full scheduler. Scheduled posts can be customized using the Hootsuite Composer. You can also upload a CSV file of prepared updates, which will automatically fill up your queue. Hootsuite has a scheduler that will keep your queue full for months or even your entire social media campaign. This feature allows you to view incoming messages and reorder your posts accordingly.

While Buffer is a free option, it only includes a single user and three accounts. It also includes 10 queued posts per profile. The paid Enterprise plan includes five users, 35 social channels, and unlimited queued posts. Hootsuite also offers a team plan for unlimited users. The free plan allows you to manage up to two accounts, but it’s limited in features. The professional plan costs $49 per month and has more features.


Buffer is a popular free social media management tool that helps you schedule posts for multiple sites and automatically publishes them at predetermined times. You can add as many social media accounts as you want for free, and Buffer also has a Chrome and Safari browser extension that makes content publishing a breeze. It has a helpful dashboard that helps you manage all of your social media accounts. The platform supports multiple social networks and has 20 integrations.

Buffer is easy to use, and you can start with the free plan and schedule 10 posts per day across three accounts. If you need more flexibility, you can pay for an upgraded Buffer plan. It includes all of the features of a free plan, plus it also has the benefit of a mobile app and browser extension. It also supports two-factor authentication and offers email and social media support.


Canva is an amazing social media management tool. It lets you design attractive content, including Facebook ads, Twitter posts, Pinterest graphics, LinkedIn banners, and YouTube thumbnails. This social media management tool also lets you insert calls to action and respond to comments and questions. You can also create your own graphics using free icons. With this tool, you can manage your entire social media strategy without ever having to write a single line of code.

The best part about Canva is that it is free. You can use it to create social media graphics, documents, and digital designs. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to create attractive designs, and you don’t need to know any web design knowledge. The software comes with thousands of templates and graphics, making it easy to create stunning branded content. Once you have a template, you can simply drag and drop the text to customize it.

Facebook Business Suite lets you manage your social media presence. It helps you respond to customer reviews, and the Audience Insights feature lets you browse demographics and behavioral trends to better target your audience. And last but not least, Canva is one of the best social media management tools for successful campaigns in 2022. Its drag-and-drop design tool was second to Google Workspaces in the poll of social media managers.


Sendible makes managing social media easy. You can create posts and schedule them and send them to your team for review before they go live. This social media management tool even has a mobile app, which gives you powerful monitoring and analytics of your campaign. Its tabs make it like a super social media tracker. They also give you access to individual streams so you can easily see how each post is performing.

The dashboard is simple, clean, and easy to use. It offers buttons to link your main social media accounts. It also offers a number of integrations. Users will love the ability to track every post made by their team. It is one of the best social media management tools for successful campaigns in 2022, and the free version offers a 30-day trial with no credit card required.

Sendible offers excellent integrations for all major social media platforms. You can integrate it with your website to moderate Facebook comments, create graphics with Canva, attach images from Dropbox, monitor the impact of social media on your website traffic, and get social media notifications in Slack. This social media management tool is perfect for companies that have remote teams or remote employees. Sendible also offers social monitoring and CRM.


Whether you need to manage your Twitter or Facebook accounts, CoSchedule is one of the most powerful tools on the market today. Its robust analytics provide detailed insight into the effectiveness of your campaign and provide the necessary data in a visual format. You can also use its reporting features to analyze the performance of your campaign. You can even share your campaign brief and assets with CoSchedule to keep your audience updated. The platform also offers excellent customer support and an onboarding team that responds within minutes.

Whether you have several people or a small team working on your social media campaign, CoSchedule is an essential tool. The software lets you schedule content across multiple platforms and allows you to collaborate with your team. Besides managing social media accounts, CoSchedule also offers a free 14-day trial. CoSchedule has a library of royalty-free images for all your posts.

Sked Social and Revive Old Post

The free version of Sked Social is not enough for a successful campaign. It does not give you the flexibility of customizing the frequency of your posts. For example, if you want to share your posts on multiple social networks at the same time, you should pay a one-time fee of $69 for a business license. A personal account costs $75, while a business plan supports three accounts and custom scheduling for $149. You can also subscribe to unlimited social accounts for $299/year.

For freelancers and small marketing teams, the use of social media management tools is an excellent choice. These software tools automate and simplify many tasks for marketers, giving them more time to focus on strategy. Not only do these tools help them manage multiple social media channels in one place, but they also let them collaborate with one another. With the right social media management tool, you can create successful campaigns and generate easy leads.

SocialBee or Edgar

Sprout makes managing customer support and personalized customer experiences on social media a breeze. The platform also offers a library of multimedia content, simplifies publishing across platforms, and streamlines analytics. Its team features help you create and manage teams. The user interface is outdated, but it makes the tasks of managing multiple workspaces and social targets easier. You can also customize a dashboard to see where you stand against competitors.

Edgar helps you schedule posts to be published across various platforms. This tool does not add content to a single queue; it adds it to different categories and publishes each one on a particular day. This helps you target specific niches and automatically re-post updates. It also measures your social media efforts and grows your following with social insights. Edgar supports multiple profiles and works across Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Its customer support team is available Monday through Friday.

For those who are not ready to commit to a monthly subscription, SocialBee offers a free 14-day trial. The premium plan offers multiple features, including advanced editing options. It has a free version, and it supports multiple social profiles and teams. You can also choose from three packages: Bootstrap, Accelerate, and Pro. Each one offers different pricing options. If you are on a tight budget, the Pro plan offers a large number of social profiles, 50 categories, and 60 RSS feeds.

SharedCount or IFTTT

Social media management tools help marketers and business owners schedule posts, monitor accounts, and engage with followers. These tools make it easy to share content and engage with followers. Tools like Hootsuite and SharedCount also automate tasks for users, including publishing, monitoring, and responding to messages. Many large companies and Fortune 1000 companies use these tools to run their business and improve customer relationships and revenue.

The social media management tools can help marketers stay on top of the search engine results pages and generate huge traffic, sales, and conversions. It also helps to create social media campaigns and workflows. Some tools can help you automate routine tasks like scheduling posts and creating images. Other tools can help you research leads and automate tasks, such as Facebook. Social Oomph offers a simple, intuitive user interface. The service starts at $20 per month for one social profile and a blog.

Sendible and IFTTT can help you schedule posts and tweets. With these tools, you can manage multiple social profiles simultaneously. You can also automate your business’s Instagram and LinkedIn efforts using SharedCount and IFTTT. These are just a few of the many useful social media management tools you should be using in 2022. Make the most of them by implementing them into your marketing strategy.


You can have proper knowledge of all these tools or you can also hire a digital marketing agency to provide you with astonishing SEO services for successful social media management campaigns.