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6 Best Alternatives for Mailchimp in 2022

6 Best Alternatives for Mailchimp in 2022

If you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative, there are plenty of options. Omnisend is a great solution for your eCommerce marketing needs. Its email marketing features include SMS and Push Notifications, multiple channels, and impressive landing pages. Omnisend is a Mailchimp alternative that has a lot to offer, and we’ve written about its features in more detail in this article.

6 Best Alternatives for Mailchimp in 2022


If you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative, consider using ConvertKit. This email marketing platform is perfect for creative types and nonprofits. Users can create beautiful email campaigns with a simple email builder. You can also ramp up your engagement strategy by creating a series of automated emails. You can even manage templates and lock down design elements. However, this email marketing platform is not free.

While ConvertKit has several disadvantages over Mailchimp, the free plan is an excellent choice for beginners. Although the free plan only allows you to send emails to a limited number of subscribers, it provides many benefits. It also allows you to create unlimited landing pages and forms, send emails to unlimited subscribers, and sell digital products within the United States. In comparison, Mailchimp’s free plan limits you to 2,000 subscribers and only allows you to send 10,000 emails per month. You’ll also have to pay for additional features like email templates, and you can’t access the customer support team until the trial period expires.

As far as features go, both Mailchimp and ConvertKit are excellent email marketing tools. MailChimp offers drag-and-drop email editors and more functionality than ConvertKit. Automated emails are a staple of email marketing, and ConvertKit has made this a priority. Recently, the company launched its Visual Automations feature, which resembles ActiveCampaign. Both email marketing tools provide action and trigger functionality.

Constant Contact

Aside from being free, Constant Contact is also a highly customizable email marketing tool. You can use over 100 templates and customize them in HTML and XHTML. The drag-and-drop email editor allows you to send multiple emails at once, and you can customize subject lines and email content. You can use GetResponse’s email tracking features to measure your email marketing efforts. The drag-and-drop email editor allows you to create a newsletter and includes instant images and clickable CTAs. While this solution isn’t for larger enterprises, it’s still a good choice and offers advanced email automation and analytics.

Constant Contact has more advanced automation features than Mailchimp, including the ability to send personalized emails based on customer data. It has a high deliverability rate, thanks to its use of Omnivore abuse-detecting technology, which identifies and prevents unethical practices in email campaigns. In addition to the Omnivore abuse detection system, Mailchimp uses spam-check tools and best practices.

EmailOctopus offers similar features to Constant Contact, but it integrates directly with Amazon SES accounts and provides an intuitive front end on top of the SES platform. Benchmark Email is another alternative to Mailchimp. Despite the many differences, both tools offer a free trial and a paid plan starting at $15 per month. For those on a tight budget, Benchmark Email is an excellent alternative to Constant Contact.


If you’re an e-commerce business looking for a Mailchimp alternative, Omnisend might be the right choice for you. Its powerful features help businesses connect with their customers, boost lead conversions, and automate customer responses. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including an email builder, segmentation tools, and an integrated landing page builder. Omnisend is aimed at e-commerce businesses, but it has some features designed for the needs of smaller companies, too.

Although Mailchimp is widely used by businesses, Omnisend has a better email editor and a wider selection of features. It is a great choice for eCommerce and Shopify marketers and has millions of users worldwide. Its free plan includes unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers, and a built-in CRM. It also offers custom enterprise email marketing packages. Another affordable alternative to Mailchimp is Moosend. Moosend offers an email marketing automation platform with a number of useful features, though it is lacking in native integrations and multichannel marketing.

Omnisend offers all-in-one marketing automation, with a comprehensive list of tools, including email capture and automated workflow. It also offers a robust landing page and impressive marketing channels. Omnisend is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp in 2022, and we’re confident it will be one of our top picks by 2022. But, before we start comparing Omnisend to Mailchimp, let’s look at some pros and cons.


A number of people are worried about the high cost of MailChimp. While it offers free plans for users with less than 1,000 subscribers, the cost of a paid plan can be very expensive if you want to use more advanced features. Fortunately, MailPoet offers a free tier for up to two thousand subscribers. Depending on the number of subscribers you have, you can send an unlimited number of emails a month. There is also a premium plan for $149/year, but that’s just for the features. For the time being, the free version of MailPoet is the best alternative to MailChimp for most users.

The free version of MailPoet provides email templates for newsletters, welcome emails, and confirmation emails. It includes social network icons and is fully customizable. The service also offers statistics on the number of opens and clicks each email has received. MailPoet also has a plethora of integrations and plugins for WordPress. So, if you are looking for an email marketing platform that meets your specific requirements, MailPoet is worth a look.

Both MailPoet and the free version of the paid version have their pros and cons. MailPoet has a much better free version than MailChimp, which is largely useful for beginners. And although MailChimp has a lot of extra features, MailPoet’s free version is more powerful. Both email marketing tools offer extensive analytics for better decision-making.


While Mailchimp remains the leader in email marketing software, it has many drawbacks. To improve your email marketing strategy, consider using a Mailchimp alternative. Email marketing software helps you build relationships with your subscribers and get them to buy from you. If you’re considering Mailchimp, make sure to check out these alternative email marketing solutions:

Unlike Mailchimp, Sendinblue offers a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails a day to as many subscribers as you want. The free plan has limitations. However, you can send as many as 300 emails a day to as many as 2,000 contacts. You can also send emails to unlimited recipients with a paid plan. The paid plans include a range of other features, including segmentation and A/B testing.

The best alternative to Mailchimp is Sendinblue. This email marketing software allows you to send unlimited emails for free, which is a great deal for newbies. You can use Sendinblue for all your email marketing needs, and you can use it for SMS, Facebook ads, chat, and CRM. The premium plans also have a phone support line to help you with any questions or issues.

HubSpot is another good alternative to MailChimp. It’s free for up to 500 subscribers. The pro plan includes event marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation features. It has three team members and allows unlimited subscribers. MailChimp is also very affordable; the free plan is good for smaller and mid-sized companies. You can also opt to use SendinBlue for free and send as many emails as you want.


While MailChimp has a decent set of features, ActiveCampaign provides an excellent alternative that focuses on building solid newsletters and emails that can attract customers. ActiveCampaign offers a drag-and-drop email builder, visual automation, and an intuitive CRM for every branch of your business. It also offers free support for your marketing efforts. This review will examine the pros and cons of both services.

ActiveCampaign is also significantly more affordable than MailChimp, which is another important factor to consider. Its pricing varies depending on how many features you want, and you may have to pay extra for features like email previews. However, the amount you pay for these features is well worth it. The advanced features of ActiveCampaign are far superior to MailChimp’s basic features, and it is a great option for companies looking to grow their business.

ActiveCampaign allows you to customize subscriber profiles, track the success of your campaigns, and even automate repetitive marketing tasks such as list segmentation. Mailchimp is known for its 5-star lead scoring system, which rates subscribers based on the amount of time they open and click through your emails. In addition, ActiveCampaign can integrate with third-party sales tools, such as Salesforce.


All of the above-mentioned tools are best in what they do. But you should also hire a good digital marketing agency like Massive Dynamics USA to help you provide all the state-of-the-art services.

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